Coffee Presentation

Presentation of Coffee
Accompaniments and Serving Coffee

Presentation of Coffee

Ensure that all cups, glasses and service ware used are clean and free of stains, cracks or chips. If you wipe dry the coffee cups after each use, this will minimise the staining process. When stocking up cups/glasses on top of Espresso Machine, always check for cleanliness.

As part of a weekly cleaning checklist, cups, saucers and glasses should be soaked overnight in a solution of hot water and a cleaning powder. They will need to be rinsed thoroughly through the dishwasher 3 -4 times to remove any residue. This will remove any stain build up.

Always check:

  • Glasses, cups and teaspoons are clean
  • Glasses and cups are not chipped or cracked
  • No spills down the side of cups/glasses or in the saucer
  • Present to enterprise standards

Some types of glasses and cups that coffee can be served in:

Accompaniments and Serving Coffee

Accompaniments are available free with coffee and are served on the side to compliment the coffee. These can consist of the following:

  • Glass of cold water
  • Sugar sachets
  • Biscotti
  • Jug of cold milk

Serving coffee When serving the coffee to the customer, it is important to maintain a consistent standard so that all the cups, saucers and teaspoons look uniform throughout.

Place the coffee down in front of the customer with the handle to their right and the teaspoon on the same side, with the sugar on the opposite side of the saucer.