Sandwich Styles

Bauru - This is a Brazilian delicacy featuring a French bun with most of its centre removed and loaded with cheese, sliced roast beef, tomato and pickled cucumber.

Conventional Sandwich - Two pieces of sliced bread with a filling, cut into squares or triangles.

Bookmaker Kebab - Wraps, rolls, toasted, untoasted and burgers of various types all contribute to giving the consumer a massive choice.

Finger or Ribbon Sandwich - These are the traditional sandwich with crusts cut off, and sliced into finger shape. They are sometimes referred to as „ribbon‟ sandwiches. Again, multiple slices of bread can be used. A ribbon sandwich usually uses different colour bread, brown and white.

Chivito - This is a bun loaded with beef, meat, eggs, cheese and peppers, and flavoured with garlic and mayonnaise. It is a national dish in Uruguay.

Pinwheel sandwiches - This is a single slice of bread with the crust cut off. It is rolled lightly with a rolling pin, the spread (flavoured) or a soft filling is added, and it is then rolled and sliced into wheel shapes that give a spiral appearance.

Club Sandwich - This is the same as traditional sandwich with an extra layer of filling and an extra slice of bread (bread, filling, bread, filling, bread) and is often held together with a toothpick, and may be toasted.

Tea or Pullman Sandwiches - Also known by some as “tea sandwiches”, these generally comprise three slices of bread and feature “moist” ingredients. They are cut into fingers. One distinguishing feature of the Pullman sandwich is that it is often made from a Pullman loaf and the bread is cut horizontally rather than vertically.